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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Nanpara Pincode / Post Office Search (BAHRAICH, Uttar Pradesh)

Ambarpur B.O 271851NanparaUttar Pradesh
Amwa Molvi B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Amwa Pokhar B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Argorwa B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Aswa Mohammad Pur B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Babaganj B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Baibahi B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Balai Goan B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Balbhaddrapur B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Baldoopurwa B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Balha B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Balsinghpur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Banjaria B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Banjaria B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bankashi B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bardaha B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Barkharia B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Basantapur B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Belhan B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bhaukhara B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bhawaniapur B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bhopatpur B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bichhiya B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bitania B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Botania B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Boundi B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Bulbul Newaj B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Chafaria Bazar B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Chahalwa B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Chamarpurwa B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Chandanpur K. Pur B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Charda B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Dandey Kuinya B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Daulatpur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Devra B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Dhannigaon B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Dharampur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Dharmapur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Dihwa B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Fakirpuri B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Gaighat B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Gangapur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Gaurapipra B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Girdharpur B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Girijapuri Coloney S.O 271841NanparaUttar Pradesh
Goorh B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Gopia B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Gotutti B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Govindpur Pandit B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Gurghutta B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Handa Basehri B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Harkhapur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Intaha B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Jalalpur B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Kakraha B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Kakri B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Karanpur B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Karikot B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Katraniaghat B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Kewalpur B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Kewalpur B.O 271851NanparaUttar Pradesh
Khaira Dhaukal B.O 271851NanparaUttar Pradesh
Khaira Kala B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Khairabazar B.O 271902NanparaUttar Pradesh
Kotwa B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Kundwa B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Lakhai Kalan B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Laluhi B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Lohiya Nagar B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Madhavpur Nidaona B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Madhwapur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Maina Newaria B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Majhara B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Makanpur B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Mangouriha B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Manikpur B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Mansoor Nagar B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Manwaria Diwan B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Matehi B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Matera Kalan B.O 271851NanparaUttar Pradesh
Matera RS S.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Mihinpurwa S.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Moharba B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Motipur B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Murtiha B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Nainiha B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Nanpara S.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Naruttampur B.O 271851NanparaUttar Pradesh
Nausurgumtiha B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Nawab Ganj Alia Bad B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Newada B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Nidhipurwa B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Nisangora B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Pakara Deoria B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Pandri Tara B.O 271882NanparaUttar Pradesh
Pargahawa B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Parwani Gauri B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Patna Ghesiyari B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Patrahiya B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Petraha B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Prahalad Gaon B.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Puraina Bhawani Bux B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Rahmatogaon B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Raibojha B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Raiganj B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Raipur B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Rajapur Kala B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Ram Nagar Semara B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Rampur Dhobia B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Risia S.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Rupaidiha S.O 271881NanparaUttar Pradesh
Sangwa B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Saraa Kalan B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Sarra Maundri B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Sarraiya B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Semari Bazar B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Shahpur Kalan B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh
Shankarpur B.O 271875NanparaUttar Pradesh
Shivpur S.O (Bahraich) 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Sohbatia B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Sujauli B.O 271830NanparaUttar Pradesh
Tiwari Gaon B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Umaria B.O 271865NanparaUttar Pradesh
Urra Bazar B.O 271855NanparaUttar Pradesh

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